Ambassador John Bolton

Keynote Speaker

John R. Bolton was appointed as United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations on August 1, 2005 and served until his resignation in December 2006. Prior to his appointment, Ambassador Bolton served as Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security from May 2001 to May 2005.

Ambassador Bolton has spent many years of his career in public service. Previous positions he has held include assistant secretary for International Organization Affairs at the Department of State, 1989-1993; assistant attorney general, Department of Justice, 1985-1989; assistant administrator for Program and Policy Coordination, U.S. Agency for International Development, 1982-1983 and general counsel, U.S. Agency for International Development, 1981-1982.

Steven Morey Greenberg

Guest of Honor

Mr. Steven Morey Greenberg majored in Political Science at Syracuse University and graduated from University of Pennsylvania Law School. He currently resides in New Jersey and is a senior partner at Greenberg & Lanz, Attorneys at Law. Endowed with a natural trait to give, Mr. Greenberg is an active and leading member of many Jewish organizations that emphasize improving the lives of others, both physically and educationally. One in particular is the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey where he sits on the Board of Trustees and Endowment Foundation. The Jewish Federation has enhanced it's productivity by creating the leadership necessary to assure a strong, collaborative, caring and vibrant Jewish Community. Founded in 1915 in Jersey City, the Jewish Home has a name for providing high quality, individualized care and services to the elderly making it a proud focal point for the community. Mr. Greenberg serves as Vice President to this admirable establishment, in addition to sitting on the board of trustees, being a Member of Executive Committee and Chairman of Personnel Committee. In 2010 Mr. Steven Morey Greenberg was awarded the Community Resource Council Dr. Harry Brandeis Memorial Community Service Award.

Ofer & Dafna Shaked

Parents of the Year
Hakaras Hatov Award

Mr. Ofer and Mrs.Dafna Shaked have been nominated as recipients of the Parents of the Year Award, honoring their establishment of the All My Children network which graces our neighborhood with subsidized childcare programs. Through their hard work and leadership in this endeavor, parents enjoy a choice of safe and secure early childhood options, which are geared to their individual needs. We are proud to salute them for their investment in the Chinuch of our children and ultimately our community.

Ms. Letitia James

New York City Public Advocate
Community Service Award

As a native of Crown Heights and exceptional public advocate of NYC it is our honor to select Ms. Letitia James for the Community Service Award. Her name is widely recognized and associated with efforts to bolster the greater good of her constituents. Ms. James is a lawyer, activist, and politician in the Democratic Party. She is the current and fourth New York City Public Advocate to hold citywide office. She previously served as a member of the New York City Council, representing Brooklyn's 35th Council District, which includes the neighborhood of Crown Heights and surrounding neighborhoods. James has also chaired the Economic Development and Sanitation Committees, and serves on the committees for Parks & Recreation, Small Business, Technology in Government, Veteran Affairs, and Women's Issues.



Voted one of the “Top 10 Comedians” in New York City by the Hollywood Reporter and BackStage, Modi is one of the comedy circuit’s most captivating comedians. Modi has a unique talent for creating accents and characters, making him appeal to a diverse market. Modi is known to be versatile and quick on his feet. He can read an audience in a beat and improvise so nimbly that he keeps any audience, regardless of age, race and gender, laughing. Modi has played leading roles in two films and is a regular at the New York and Los Angeles comedy clubs and headlines around the country. He has also gone on tour in the United Kingdom, Holland and Israel and regularly performs at comedy festivals and special venues, including Montreal’s Just for Laughs Comedy Festival and The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

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17 years ago there was a pressing need felt by parents in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, demanding a better school for their daughters. The answer to their plea was Bnos Menachem, a new school with limited classroom size and closely monitored departments. Bnos Menachem has managed to establish itself as the institution of choice, which seeks to infuse every lesson with meaning and purpose. Our curriculum is constantly being reviewed and developed, so both the Judaic Studies and General Studies departments are current and relevant. The learning environment promotes traditional and Chassidic values through modern methods and techniques. Bnos Menachem, literally the daughters of Menachem refers to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, who spoke with great emphasis on the urgency to educate young women, for ultimately they determine the course for the next generation. The school and its success are tribute to the Rebbe’s leadership. Our hope is not only to educate our young women, but also to encourage and empower them. As they advance through life, each step is guided and supported by the years of study they have acquired.

More than just a school, we serve the emotional and social wellbeing of every student, providing counseling and therapy, recommending and organizing summer camp experiences and arranging household assistance as needed.

As we celebrate tonight, we invite you, our supporters, to take credit for the tremendous impact we are making on our students, their families, our community and ultimately the world around us.

Thank you for your continued assistance. Without your help, we could not have achieved this level of success.

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